Bank on Henderson is the first of its kind in Henderson Kentucky to serve the "unbanked," those who live without access to mainstream financial institutions and are forced to rely on expensive check-cashing services. In May 2011, Mayor Steve Austin and Judge Executive, Hugh McCormick joined with local financial institutions, community organizations, and the United Way of Henderson County to announce a development of a program that would:

  • Change bank products and policies to increase the supply of starter account options for this market;
  • Raise awareness among consumers about the benefits of account ownership;
  • Provide qualified Henderson residents with the opportunity to open low-cost, starter bank accounts; and
  • Provide quality financial education to Henderson residents, to help them start saving for the future.

Now, every resident in Henderson has the chance to open an account with the bank or credit union that works best for them, and to start saving for the future.


For more information, or for help opening an account.

Simply Dial (270) 826-2107

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Our financial partners include seven banks with sixteen locations.