We know our success rests on our ability to reach unbanked Henderson residents through the networks they trust, like employers, places of worship, community agencies, and local colleges. Bank on Henderson can provide essential training, advice, and banking opportunities to your organization's clients. In turn, your organization can help connect us with unbanked Henderson residents looking to take the first step on the road to financial security.

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  • Invite a Bank on Henderson bank or credit union of your choice to partner with your organization.
  • Create an action group to encourage members of your community to enroll in financial education, open checking accounts, or start savings plans.
  • Include Bank on Henderson information in your mailings and newsletters.
  • Display posters and other materials in public spaces.
  • Place a link on your Web site to
  • We want our newly banked Henderson residents to have all of the tools they need to be successful, so we partnered with the United Way of Henderson County to provide high-quality financial education to those who open Bank on Henderson accounts. Classes are offered on a monthly basis in English and Spanish through our community partners


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Simply Dial (270) 826-2107

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Our financial partners include seven banks with sixteen locations.