Our goal is to bring 800 of the estimated 4,000 unbanked households in Henderson into the financial mainstream by helping them to open low-cost, starter bank accounts. To accomplish this goal, we turned to financial institutions in the City to demonstrate leadership and to help remove the barriers that low-income families face in opening a bank account. To date, we have partnered with over 8 banks and credit unions, with over 17 branches across Henderson, to help over 4,000 households open accounts and enter the financial mainstream.

By partnering with us, financial institutions can expand marketing in targeted, low-income neighborhoods and increase the visibility of appropriate products in Henderson. By working with nonprofits in Henderson, Financial Partners have been able to identify customers and develop new strategies to reach unbanked customers. Staff offering financial training courses have made real connections in the community.

As a Financial Partner, you can:

  • Help bank the unbanked by offering the Bank on Henderson product at your Henderson locations.
  • Participate in Bank on Henderson outreach events.
  • Partner with a community organization of your choice.
  • Hold a financial training seminar for community organizations.
  • Include Bank on Henderson information in your mailings and newsletters.
  • Display posters and other materials in public spaces.
  • Place a link on your Web site to


For more information, or for help opening an account.

Simply Dial (270) 826-2107

Or visit our contact page ...


Our financial partners include seven banks with sixteen locations.