SAFE - Stabilizing Assets & Financial Education

Henderson County Attorney

SAFE, or Stabilizing Assets & Financial Education is a diversion program developed in conjunction with the Henderson County Attorney’s office and Bank On Henderson in an effort to create stability in your financial life as well as preparing for your financial future.

This workshop will help you think about your relationship with money and plan how you can make mainstream financial institutions work for you. When you finish this workshop you will be given a certificate that includes your name and other credentials of completion.

Hold on to this certificate for at least one year as you might be asked for these credentials by the county attorney’s office.


  • Henderson County’s SAFE Program
  • Pleading Guilty and Paying Fine
  • Pleading Not Guilty
  • Total Cost
  • $40
  • $185 plus $30 per check
  • Depends on verdict
  • Time Involved
  • 3 hours
  • Attend (1) court date
  • Attend (3) Court Dates
  • Theft Conviction on Record
  • No
  • Yes
  • Depends on verdict


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